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Student Life


An education at Irene McCormack is about learning, discovery, relevance, resilience, organisation and achievement.

The essential consideration of all we do at IMCC is the dignity of the individual.

Reflected in our mission are three vital ingredients:


  • A spiritual understanding of individual worth as taught to us by Christ.
  • Challenge for each person to explore, recognise and share our strengths and talents.
  • Developing a resilience to the setbacks and disappointments in life.
  • Creating a culture which condemns and resists harassment.


  • A Personal Care program which maps each child's educational progress and pro-actively monitors his/her personal development. Each student will have a significant adult assigned for his/her life at the College.
  • A Service Learning program which requires each student to complete a certain minimum of Community Service in his/her time at the College.
  • Leadership opportunities for students in internal organization matters, community service, peer support, mentoring, tutoring, mediation, school assemblies, public relations.


  • Focus on the Person as a Learner. Assisting students to reason, question, develop learning habits, discover different ways of learning.
  • Accommodate different rates of learning. Skill Mastery free from time constraints.
  • Organised and Creative learners. Emphasis on Planning, Design and Creation.

At Irene McCormack Catholic College, our objectives centre on nurturing young people to:

  • Develop their own sense of faith practice.
  • Seek social interaction and accept social responsibility.
  • Arrive at an appreciation of their own uniqueness and value.
  • Appreciate the beauty, goodness and optimism in their world.
  • Develop a sense of belonging to family, friends, community and society.
  • Become energetic and enterprising learners for life.
  • Become inquisitive, involved and independent learners.
  • Access technology as a productive tool in gaining and using knowledge. 

Faith Formation

The faith formation of the students and staff at Irene McCormack Catholic College is central to the life at the College. While recognising the primary role of parents in their child's faith development the College will prioritise student awareness of the teachings, values and attitudes of the Catholic faith.

Our faith formation will follow an interrelated concept of ‘Head, Heart and Hands'. The Head refers to challenging the students' minds in our Religious Education program. The Heart relates to our Liturgical program of worship, reflection and communication with God. Opportunities for mass, paraliturgies, retreats and prayer meetings will be offered to students, staff and parents. The Hands will bring our beliefs into practice as we endeavour through our Community Service program to assist those in need.

Acceptance of enrolment at Irene McCormack Catholic College implies, on behalf of the students and the parents, a commitment to a positive involvement in and support of the Faith Formation program.

Christian Service


Each student attending Irene McCormack Catholic College will devote time in service to the local and wider community. This is a necessary component of graduation from the College.
Years 7, 9 & 11 have a formal Community Service program for the course of the year. Year 12 students can undertake a voluntary Christian Service project. Year 8 & 10 students have the opportunity for Christian Service in their own time. As part of their Christian Service Learning students are required to maintain a journal on the progress of their service and complete a reflective written or creative task.


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Performing and Visual Arts


The college has dynamic visual arts, music, dance and drama programs.




The college gives students the opportunity for participation in engaging and enjoyable sporting pursuits. The college is a member school of the Associated and Catholic Colleges of West Australia.
Students in years 7-12 will be expected to participate in the Coastal Association of Schools (CAS) extra-curricular program on Tuesday and/or Wednesday afterschool.

Communication with Home



IMCC Parent Seqta Guide





This must be sighted and signed weekly by parents as a way to monitor your child's organisation and performance. This planner also contains specific slips for communication between parents and teachers. The planner must have no graffiti or decoration, either on the outside or inside, or a new one will need to be purchased. The planner is for school use only.


If a student is absent, then parents need to contact the school absentee line on 9562 2431 before 8.30 a.m. (this is a 24 hour line).

It is vital that parents follow up all absences with a note or email to their child's Care Group Teacher.


Parents should feel free to phone the school to clarify issues. The College Receptionist is your first point of contact and will assist you in connecting to other members of staff.


The school issues a newsletter (The McCormack Messenger) via e-mail. This may be used by student and parent groups to communicate to the community.


Our intent is to issue an interim report at the end of the first term of the Academic year. A semester report will be issued at the end of Semester One and Semester Two. Year 12 students will receive a Statement of Results at the conclusion of their school year. 


School Organisation


Students enrolled at the College are expected to participate in all activities in the calendar including retreats, camps, excursions, sport days and special celebrations. Attendance at these events is recorded and failure to attend on these College days will affect a student's Good Standing within the College. Parents should be aware that no Student Free Days occur other than when officially notified by the College.


Where students become ill at school the Office staff will supervise quiet rest for approximately 15-30 minutes. If at the end of that time the student is not fit to return to class the parents will be phoned and asked to collect the student. Should a student need to take medicine during the school day, please read the Medication Policy for the correct procedure (this can be found on the school website).



Students who arrive late for school:

  1.   before 8.45, students go straight to Care Group and ensure their name is registered
  2.   after 8.45 am, or if Care Group is finished, need to sign in directly at the Front Office.

Parents should write a note in the student's diary when he/she is required to leave the school before the end of the day. The note must be signed by the CARER and the student must sign the ‘SIGN OUT REGISTER' in the SCHOOL OFFICE before leaving. Persistent lateness will result in a detention.


Students at the College are given leadership opportunities. Student mentoring, tutoring, policy creation, organising of events, initiating projects, public speaking, Christian Service commitments are all examples of students actively leading. It is expected that all students will contribute to the establishment of a caring learning culture.


The uniform shop will be open each:

TUESDAY afternoon - 12.00 pm – 4.00 pm
THURSDAY morning - 8.00 am – 10.00 am 

General Behaviour

  • Polite behaviour towards staff and other students is required at all times.
  • Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. (Please refer to the Bullying Policy on the school website).
  • Students are not allowed into classrooms without a teacher being present. When waiting for a teacher, students should line up in an orderly fashion outside the classroom.
  • Rough play, e.g. punching, pushing and tackling can cause injury or damage to clothes. For these reasons, it is not permitted.
  • No food is to be eaten in classrooms. Water in a clear bottle is permitted.
  • Chewing gum and bubble gum are prohibited in the school.
  • Running is not permitted except on the College Oval and BB court. All ball games are to be located on the oval, not in the quadrangle area.
  • No glass bottles or energy drinks are to be brought to the College e.g caffeine or guarana drinks. Such items will be confiscated.
  • Public displays of affection are inappropriate and unacceptable within the College.
  • Offensive and demeaning language is not acceptable.
  • No student has the right to disrupt any class.


It is the obligation of all parents to see that their children are dressed in the full school uniform. Uniform items can be purchased from the College Uniform Shop. All items to be clearly marked.



When dressed in the College uniform each student literally represents the school. It is therefore expected that students are neatly and properly dressed at all times especially when travelling to and from school. 


  • To be tucked in at all times.
  • All undergarments to be plain white with no motif.
  • When worn with tie the top button is to be done up with the tie knot covering it. 


  • Trousers to be worn correctly belted around the waist.
  • Shorts should be worn no lower than knee level, and above the hip.
  • Belts are to be the plain black school belt with non-descript buckle. 


  • To be worn knee-length or longer. 


  • Bands on the girls' socks should be clearly visible all the way around.
  • Sports socks to be worn with sports uniform only.
  • Summer socks for boys are marle socks. Winter socks are grey.


  • The blazer is to be worn to and from school and must be worn in Care Group. It may be worn in the classroom.
  • The blazer is a compulsory part of the winter uniform for all year levels.
  • Blazers are to be worn to College assemblies and Masses.


  • Runners/joggers/track shoes are to be appropriate and predominately white.
  • Casual canvas shoes, Dunlop Volleys, casual shoes and basketball shoes are not permitted.
  • Students will not participate in the PE program with incorrect footwear.
  • Sports shirts should have at least the lower button done up.
  • Shorts are not to be rolled up and shirts are to be untucked.


  • Regular heeled (3cm or below in height) shoes to be worn with plain black laces.
  • Polished standard black, leather lace-up shoes required (not casual or sportswear).
  • No buckle up shoes are permitted.
  • Shoes must be fully enclosed and laces need to be done up for safety reasons.
  • No other style of shoe e.g. ballet flats, are acceptable.


  • Only yellow, purple, black or white scrunchies or hair ties.
  • No decorative headbands. They must be plain white, purple, yellow or black.
  • Bobby pins or plain silver clips only to be used for clipping hair back.


  • College issued caps or bucket hats are to be worn when outdoors in Term Summer and Term Spring.


  • College scarves may be worn during Terms Autumn and Winter.
  • Ties must be worn if a College scarf is being worn.
  • No other scarves are permissible.


  • Students in years 9-12 must wear Dance uniform.
  • Year 7 & 8 students to wear Sports uniform to Dance classes.


  • Continued uniform infringements could lead to a loss of Good Standing in the College.


  • Suncreen should be worn when participating in PE, OED, BCN  & Excursions when in the sun.

Grooming & Appearance

In keeping with the uniform regulations at the College it is necessary for presentation and health reasons to establish some degree of uniformity when considering hairstyles. The College emphasizes that the appropriateness of hairstyles is very much an individual opinion and each style must be considered on its merits. The Principal will have the final say on the issue. Nevertheless, the following guidelines may prove helpful for staff and parents when determining what is acceptable at Irene McCormack Catholic College.


  • Girls’ hair longer than collar length must be securely tied back.
  • Boys’ hair length needs to be above the collar.
  • Any hair which falls in or around the eyes or face is not permitted. This includes sporting and PE sessions when the students may be required to swim or exercise, therefore, hair must be pinned or tied back.
  • Styling of hair to make an obvious statement is not permitted. A number 3 cut is the minimum length permitted.
  • Unruly or untidy hair of any description is unacceptable. Hair should also be clean.
  • A small amount of hair gel may be used to keep hair neat. Excessive gel used to sculpt hair is not permitted. Students will be asked to wash out excess gel.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.  This includes extreme colour, beaded hair, dreadlocks, undercuts, layering, long sweep, Mohawks, rat’s tails, no pony tails for boys etc.
  • Boys should be clean shaven and will be required to shave in Administration if this does not occur. Side-burns are permitted to halfway down the ear.

Whenever a student's hair is considered inappropriate, he/she will be asked to have it altered and a timeline will be negotiated. If the timeline is not met, the student will be required to stay at home until the change has occurred.


  • A student may wear one small plain, gold or silver stud in the lower lobe of each ear. No other form of ear jewellery is acceptable.
  • No other jewellery is permitted and this includes any form of facial or body piercing.
  • Tattoos are not acceptable.
  • Wrist watches are permitted.
  • Protective sunglasses (as opposed to decorative) can be worn at lunch and recess.
  • Jewellery will be confiscated (as per our College Policy on Jewellery) and can be collected from the Dean of Year on the production of a note from parents.


  • Artificial fingernails or nail polish is not permitted.
  • Makeup is not to be worn.


Summer uniform is to be worn in Terms Spring and Summer.

Winter uniform is to be worn in the Terms Autumn and Winter.


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