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Our Community


College Board

The Irene McCormack Catholic College Board is comprised of members who volunteer their time, each bringing in skills and experience to ensure the responsible and effective management and policy development of the College, particularly with regards Strategic Planning, Capital Development and the financial efficiency. The Principal and Business Manager are ex-officio members of the Board. 

The Archbishop of Perth is responsible for the conduct of the College, while the Catholic Education Commission of WA has an overall guiding role, which the College Board and Principal acknowledge in their exercise of responsibility within the College.

The IMCC Board meet twice a term, and hold the Annual General Meeting in the first term of each calendar year.

2017 College Board

Board Chairperson
Chris Erikson
Board Treasurer
Wilfredo Higo
Board Members
Fr Robert Carrillo (Parish Priest)
Andrea Platts
Michelle Russell
Gavan Prunster
Patrick Welch
Ex Officio
Robert Marshall (Principal)
Andrew Mawby (Business Manager)
Kim Boscarino (Executive Assistant)

Parent Group


The aim of the Irene McCormack Catholic College Parent Group is to encourage, improve and maintain parent, family and community involvement with the College and to support the College’s mission through active participation in College programs and events. This is done by:

  • Supporting the College and its vision and mission and work in partnership with the Principal and staff.
  • Encouraging all parents and or carers of students to be active members of the Parent Group.
  • Planning and organising information and social events to support the College community.
  • Assisting with the provision of resources to the school for the benefit of students.
  • Appreciating all contributions
  • Respecting all ideas and opinions
  • Promoting interaction between families and the school, parents and teachers.
  • Encouraging parent participation in teaching and learning activities and school life.

If you are a new or existing member of our school community, and would like to be involved in the Parent Group, please come to our meetings which are generally held twice a term.

An example of some of the events the Parent Auxiliary are involved include:

  • Assisting the College by providing support at key events such as Parent Information Evenings.
  • Participate in the College events including Sports carnivals by operating food and drink stalls and provide assistance for the Year 12 Graduation preparations.
  • Running Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas raffles.

The College Parent Group provides invaluable service to our students and staff at Parent Information Evenings, sports carnivals, performing arts events, with Year 12 Graduation preparations and other events. The Parent Group also supports the College with improvement of student amenities.

We welcome your input and assistance in achieving our aims for the good of all in the College community. If you would like to assist with any of our events or activities, please contact President Hanneley Tredoux:


2017 Office Bearers

Mrs Hanneley Tredoux
Vice President
Mrs Tania Whiting
Mrs Kim Bedworth
Mrs Kathy Gorham
Committee members
Amanda Brazier
Cherie Luitingh
Kirsty Menzies

Our Staff

Principal      Mr Robert Marshall     MEdL MA BEd DipT
Deputy Principal      Mrs Nancy Bonfiglio     MEd BA GradDipEd GradDipBus GradCertRE GradCertLang      
Dean of Campus Ministry      Mr John Swindells     BA DipEd
Dean of Year           Year 7      Mr Andrew Billingsley     BA GradCertEd
Dean of Year           Year 8      Mrs Gillian Pearce
     BEd DipT
Dean of Year           Year 9      Mrs Michelle Smith
     BEd DipT
Dean of Year           Year 10      Mr Andrew Donaldson
     MEd BA GradDipEd
Dean of Year           Year 11      Ms Deb White
     BEd BA
Dean of Year           Year 12      Mr Ryan Coutts
      MEd BPHEd GradDipEd
Business Manager       Mr Andrew Mawby     BCom
Academic Council  
Head of Religious Education      Mr Kevin O’Brien      MREd GradDipEd DipT
Head of English      Miss Jessica Stylianou     BAEd CertEd
Head of Mathematics      Mrs Faye Ratajczak     BScEd GradDipEd
Head of Science      Mr Paul Woodhouse                BSc GradDipEd
Head of Social Sciences                             Mrs Adele Baker                     BA GradCertEd
Head of Design & Technology                      Mr Trevor Bastow                    BEd
Head of Information Technology                  Mr Robert Blair                       BTeach BSc
Head of Library                                          Mr Ned Bryant                        BA GradDipEd GradDipSc
Head of Performing Arts      Miss Kylie Malam     BMEd ADPA BEd
Head of Physical Education       Mr Neil Bright          BPHEd DipEd
Head of Visual Art       Mrs Amy Richardson     BA
Home Economics Coordinator       Mrs Janet Flematti      MEd BEd 
Languages Coordinator       Miss Catherine Harrison      BAASt BACom GradDipEd 
Learning Support Coordinator       Mrs Nicole Pearce      BEd
VET Coordinator       Mrs Erin Gallen      BEd
Care Group Teachers  
Year 7
Dunlea A      Mrs Inez McGinley     BEd
Dunlea B      Mr Jeremy Carbone
     GradDipEd BSc
Evans A      Mr Alan McLatchie     GradDipEd GradDipM
Evans B      Mr Peter Boylen
     BSc GradDipEd
Golding A      Miss Shawn Billam
     BEd DipEd
Golding B      Miss Vivian Bahbah
     BSc GradDipEd
McGarry A (Mon)
      Mrs Crystal Blaze
McGarry A (Tue-Fri)      Mr Mike Speechley
     BA BSocSc
McGarry B      Mrs Merryl Byfield     BAppSc GradDipEd PGradDipSc
Year 8  
Dunlea A      Miss Chloe White
     GradCertEd BA
Dunlea B      Mrs Mery Jones     BA(Hons) BCom GradDipEd 
Evans A      Miss Catherine Dunn        BA GradDipEd
Evans B      Mr Tony Summers     BSc(Hons) CertEd
Golding A      Mrs Vicky Wagenaar    
     GradDipEd BSc
Golding B      Mr Rob Blair     BTeach BSc
McGarry A      Mr Stuart Whelan    
     MA PGCEd BSc
McGarry B      Miss Anna Argese     BA DipEd
Year 9  
Dunlea A      Mrs Janet Flematti     MEd BEd
Dunlea B      Mr John Mirco     BAppSc GradDipEd
Evans A      Mrs Katriese Wilder     BA DipEd
Evans B      Mr Damian Stefanoff     BAEd BA
Golding A      Mr Patrick McHale     BSc GradDipEd
Golding B      Miss Rachael Thomson     BA BSocSc
McGarry A      Mrs Estelle Hill
McGarry B (Tue, Wed, Fri)
      Mrs Janice Bell     GradDipEd BAppSc GradCertRE 
McGarry B (Mon, Thu)      Miss Cherie Milne     BEd
Year 10
Dunlea A      Miss Rebecca Griffiths     BSc DipEd
Dunlea B      Mrs Nicole Pearce     BEds
Evans A      Mrs Simone Albert     BA BEd
Evans A       Miss Caitlyn Stott      BEd BSc
Evans B      Miss Danielle Maher     BEd
Golding A      Mr Ken Dillon     BA
Golding B      Miss Tammy Brankstone     BA BEd
McGarry A      Mr Ned Bryant     BA GradDipEd GradDipSc
McGarry B      Mrs Amy Richardson     BA
Year 11  
Dunlea A      Mr Michael Geddes     MA BBus DipEd
Dunlea B      Miss Sinead Harte     BA(Hons) DipEd
Evans A      Mr Craig Heal
     BSc GradDipEd
Evans B      Mr Francois Lubbe
     BSc (Hons) BSc PGCEd
Golding A      Mrs Joanna Strydom     BSc HDipEd
Golding B      Mr Dave Williams     BEd DipCE
McGarry A      Mrs Karen Lafitte     BALang GradDipEd
McGarry B      Mr Trevor Bastow
Year 12  
Dunlea A      Mr Tim Warren     BA GradDipEd
Dunlea B (Mon-Thu)
      Mrs Vanessa Schneider
Dunlea B (Fri)      Mrs Felicity Kennedy      GradDipEd BSc BBus   
Evans A      Miss Chelsea Sidaway     BA GradDipSEd
Evans B      Mr Kevin O'Brien
     MRe GradDipEd DipT
Golding A      Ms Amanda Keats     BEd(Hons)
Golding B      Mrs Rosanne Barrowclough
     BA HDipEd
McGarry A      Mr Fred Lafitte     BSc GradDipSEd
McGarry B      Miss Amber Sunderland     BSc GradDipEd
Head of Sport                                            Mr Mathew Davis                
     BSc GradDipEd
Teachers      Mrs Jodie Bastow     
     BA BEd
       Miss Fran Christie   
     MEd BA BAEd
       Mrs Karolina Lewy
     BA BSocSc
Campus Ministry  
Christian Services Coordinator      Miss Cherie Milne     BEd
Student Services  
College Psychologist      Mrs Dianne Bridge     BPsych DipEd
Aboriginal Liaison Officer      Ms Donella Brown     BEd 
Careers Counsellor                        Mrs Chris Tonkin     BSc(Hons) DipEd TACert
Teacher Assistants          Mrs Tammy Johns     CertIII Teacher’s Aide
       Mrs Tara Johnson      Diploma of Education Support
       Mrs Sally Tabram 
Executive Secretary/Registrar      Mrs Kim Boscarino     PGradDipBM
Marketing Officer      Mrs Rosalie Richardson
Administration Officers      Mrs Hayley Engelbrecht            
      Mrs Sarah Evans (Tue-Fri)
        Mrs Maria Geddes (Mon) 
      Ms Carly Tooker
Canteen Manager      Mrs Wendy Duncan 
Canteen Assistants      Mrs Sally Bone 
       Mrs Maria Geddes (Tue) 
      Mrs Laura Wells (Mon)
Family Fees Officer      Miss Kerry Greenwood
Human Resources Officer       Mrs Cheryl Swart 
Senior Finance Officer       Mrs Nicole Wolmarans 
Grounds and Maintenance  
Maintenance Supervisor      Mr Harry Fairclough
Maintenance Officer      Mr Declan Hogan
Head Groundsman      Mr Dawid Engelbrecht
Groundsman      Mr Jim Gullen     BSc
IT Network  
IT Manager                                            Mr Geoff Currie 
System Administrator      Mr Giles Coley 
Design & Technology/Art      Mr Tony Richmond     HDipEd 
Home Economics      Mrs Catherine Summers
Library      Miss Julie Lawson
     BHSc GradDip
Science      Mrs Elena Alecu     BEng
Uniform Shop  
Uniform Shop Coordinator                          Mrs Lyn Waite 
Uniform Shop Assistant      Mrs Leanne O’Connell 
AFL Traineeship  
Trainee      Mr Jess Ferguson
Instrumental/Vocal Tutors  
Mr James Darnell     BMus
Ms Janet Goodheart     BMus
Mr David Hicks      BSc
Ms Jan Holdsworth       BMus    
Mr Chris Marquand      BMus
Mr Timothy Newhouse
Ms Erika Riecken      BMus BPsych
Ms Penny Riley     Dip Instrument making and repair
Miss Ingrid Waters      BMus
Mr Scott Young     BPhil


Irene McCormack